The problem with outbound marketing

So you own a tow truck business and you want to send out fliers in the mail to get your name, brand, and services out there to the public. This is an old fashioned approached that gets a terrible return on your investment, and we’ll discuss why that is in this article. First of all you have to consider your market. Most people that need to truck services aren’t going to resort back to a flier they got in the mail and magically remember the company of the phone number that was attached to it. When people break down on the side of the road, they are busting out their cell phones and finding a tow truck company that can come and take care of their towing needs, and take care of it fast.

Outbound marketing such as mailing brochures and things like this are bad for the planet because they use a bunch of paper. This approach is statistically a bad play because only a handful of people are going to look at what you’re offering, much less remember your company down the road when they really need it. The days of pinning fliers to the fridge to use at a later date when needed are over. It’s a fact that eighty five percent of people looking for services are using the internet to find their service provider. These statistics are magnified for tow truck companies given the situation that our customers are in when they need us.

So what do you do since you can’t go after the old school way or marketing? Well, we covered some tips about what you need on your tow truck website, but those tips only help you when people actually find your website. Rather than paying for outbound marketing and all this other crap that isn’t going to work, you need to be paying someone that knows what they’re doing to get your website found when people are looking for tow truck services. Think about it… if you’re stranded on the side of the road you’re going to pull up tow truck companies in your area from your phone and you’re going to click on the search results that are put right in front of your face. Your website needs to be one of these results that show up so people are calling you and inquiring about your prices. Once people find you, if you follow the advice in our article about how to close more towing sales, you’re going to be generating more revenue for your tow truck company than you ever have before. There are other options when it comes to getting tow truck leads. There’s companies like thumbtack and home adviser that accumulate leads for you and then sell them to you, but the problem with this system is that they’re selling these leads to your competitors which leads to a bidding war. It’s hard to maintain the integrity of your prices if 5 other towing businesses are trying to under cut you. Please take our advice, get in with the new wave of marketing, and get found on the search engines.

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