Tow truck website tips

tow truck businessWhen you’re setting up a tow truck website, it’s important to structure it right. The two most important things to have clearly marked on the top of your tow site is a phone number to call (preferably clickable for mobile phone users) and an instant quote form for people to ask you questions and inquire about services via e-mail. Having these two important calls of action are important when it comes to turning visitors of your website into leads that you can convert to sales.

After you have two prominent calls to action established on top of your towing companies website, you need to make sure to have a home page with at least 1,000 words on it. There area ¬†a few reasons for this but the main reason is that Google likes a website with a lot of well written and informative content. The second reason is because the more words you have, the better chance you have at getting picked up from searchers. When people are searching for towing services they are going to type in different things like: tow truck, towing services, towing + your city, etc… It’s important to use all of these keywords that people are going to be searching for on your homepage. It’s also important to include a lengthy description of your towing business using these keywords on your Google Business page. Another great idea is to include lots of pictures on your website and Google Business¬†page that are saved under keywords that people are searching. These minor things will put you way ahead of the pack when it comes to getting found for keywords.

As a bonus tip, we want to tell you guys what’s really going to get your towing website to rank well in Google. The key thing to ranking is to getting other websites to talk about your website. This looks good in Google’s eyes, gives you authority, and signals to the search engines that if other people are talking about you, you must be worth putting at the top of the search results. We hope these tips help… please contact us to let us know if you’ve had any luck implementing these strategies into your towing website. Once you implement these tips and start getting your phone ringing more, please check out our article on closing more towing sales to help you maximize your tow truck profits.

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