How to close more tow truck jobs

In today’s world, everyone is cutting down prices and settling for less than what it is they are offering to customers. It’s hard to see and there’s no reason it has to happen. One thing I’ve learned being in the tow truck business for over 10 years now is that people resort to price when it comes to tow truck services which is what happens when you sell your service instead of selling information. What does this mean exactly? Well, let’s take a closer look.

Chet Holmes is famous for introducing informational marketing and selling into the market place about 20 years ago. He found that when he gave consumers valuable information first before trying to sell his product, he got 10 times better results from his marketing campaigns. How does this relate to tow trucks? What you want to do is start by hiring a research group. Empire research group will do search for market data that can help you sell your services for any type of company out there. We used them for our first tow truck company in New York. We found out some interesting information such as when people’s cars get towed, they report scratches or damages over 60% of the time! Think about that. When someone calls you next time to get their car towed and they ask you how much you charge for that, you should say, “well Mr. customer, you really shouldn’t be asking me how much I’m charging. You should be asking me, am I capable of towing your vehicle without damaging it? The reason is because 60% of tow truck customers report their vehicle damaged after the tow. That only gives you a 40% chance that a towing professional in this area will be able to do the job without damaging your vehicle. I’ve towed over 500 cars without one reported incident so I’m definitely qualified for the job. My service costs…” and so on. Now all of a sudden the customer looks at you as an authority in the tow truck market because you provided them statistical data that proves 60% of your competitors are going to damage your car if you hire them. They are now scared for their vehicles safety and since you are aware of the problem and haven’t had any bad incident reports, they’re more likely to choose you! This is one simple and effective method to increase your tow truck sales. To learn why we are qualified to teach you this information, please visit our about page. If you have any tips you’ve found useful when it comes to informational selling, drop us a line here.

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