Informational tow truck marketing

Imagine someone calls you to see how much you charge to tow their car from point A to point B. Your response is probably, “well sir, that will be $90 to tow your car anywhere within your city.” The potential customer says thank you and they’ll let you know if they’ll be using you for their tow truck service. Now imagine that same scenario but instead of saying the cost will be $90, you go into an informational marketing pitch. “Well sir, you should be asking me if I’m qualified to tow your vehicle rather than how much it costs. See, 70% of tow truck customers report having damage to their vehicle after the towing process has occurred. This could be a small scratch but it could also be a dent, chip on the windshield etc… So if you’re basing your decision on price as opposed to skills and capability, you’re probably going to be paying more down the road for the damages that another towing company will probably impose on your vehicle.” See the difference? You took them from price shopping to getting valuable information that is probably going to drive their buying decision in your favor.

Informational marketing is extremely powerful. I guarantee you that all of the other tow truck companies in your city (yes, your competitors) are telling their potential customers a price with no valuable information provided. This is how you set yourself apart from your competition. If you come across as the most knowledgeable towing company in town than you’ll never have to drop your prices because of your competition. When you give your potential customers this valuable information, you in turn become more valuable also. Statistics also show that if you prove more valuable to your customers than your competitors, you’re nor only more likely to close the sale but you’re also much more likely to get a referral from that customer. How can you use this marketing information to your advantage? Well, there’s plenty of statistics available to you on the internet. You can research for a few hours and come up with some facts that will make people say “wow” which will then get them listening to you and naturally be more interested in your service and the information that you’re giving to them. It’s important to structure this into a script so you know what to say to customers no matter what situation you’re in and no matter what questions they ask you. If you’re able to close more deals and you follow our information on how to reduce costs of your towing business┬áthan you’ve got the recipe to build a profitable towing business. We consulted a towing company (tow truck mesa az) that implemented this informational sales strategy and is now closing 8 out of 10 people that call them for tow truck services! If you really want to grow big you can use all the tips from this blog, implement them, and start expanding this exact business model into other cities and start dominating your market.…

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